Nevada Air/ATPJET

  Where Flying is Fun!

Welcome to Nevada Air / Atpjet.


We are a FSX community of pilots. 

Please read more about us below. 


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Please try not to spawn on the runway... 



Welcome Pilots, Fly with the Professionals

We fly all over the world. Realism is set to max except for collisions with aircraft. One of our members is a retired, jet-rated, Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) who has flown professionally in every continent except the Antarctic. He is ex-Navy and was a test pilot for 14 years. There is virtually no difference in the flying skills of both founding members.

We don't work with virtual ATC. If you wish to do so, we highly recommend Boston Virtual ATC. They have an excellent program. you can link to their page through our link menu.


It is unusual for us to eject or ban a pilot. We have found that rude people also have no flying skills. They end up ejecting themselves after only a few minutes because of our realism settings. However, our pilots are of a mixed age group. Profanity and rudeness will not be tolerated. Violating this rule is a quick way to get banned permanently.

Our favorite airplanes are the F/A-18, Airliners, the King Air 200, and the Twin Otter. Fly whatever you want, but if you fly a slower  plane, you'll be unable to keep up. If you would like to learn to fly any of these, we'd be happy to teach you.